With all of the uncertainty involving the 2020 election, we find it imperative that we eliminate electronic voting machines and return to paper ballots, as our Founding Fathers intended. Help us get State Legislatures to acknowledge this issue and pass necessary legislation. Free and fair elections are part of the bedrock principles that our great Nation was founded upon.

We decided to embark on this mission to help restore election integrity within the State of Texas, with hopes the rest of the Nation will follow suit. The ONLY way to restore voter’s confidence in the election system and to restore election integrity as a whole, is by returning to paper ballots. Our goal is to empower voter’s voices to be heard by our State Legislature and demand that our elected officials to take the necessary action needed to avoid another cataclysmic election like the 2020 election. Our Founding Father’s sought to empower We the People with the most sacred tradition of our Republic, voting in an election. This tradition allows We the People to ultimately determine the fate of our great Nation. Since adopting electronic voting machines, risks of alleged voter fraud and foul play has significantly increased and the 2020 election is a perfect example of these risks. In order to preserve our Republic, we have to install voting safeguards and return to the old way of running an election and it starts with returning to paper ballots.

We Demand State Legislation to:

  • Eliminate ALL electronic voting machines within the State of Texas.
  • Return to voting in Precincts at our local Elementary schools.
  • Adopt a photo voter ID issued by local Election Administrator.
  • Remove all names of voter rolls that did not vote in most recent election and maintain CLEAN voter rolls.

To learn more about Patriots for Paper and how YOU can make your voice heard to help restore election integrity please visit: https://www.patriotsforpaper.com/